Olivet Presbyterian Church and Mission

What to Expect

What to Expect

As you enter you will be greeted warmly. You will be given a worship bulletin that tells you the structure for our worship.  For an hour we will sing, pray, listen to scripture and a sermon. 

Every Guest Is Welcome

We make every effort to offer a special welcome.  Introduce yourself.  After worship, please join us for fellowship with refreshments and beverages provided (Presbyterians are well-known for the quality and the quantity of refreshments). We wear nametags so that it will be easier for you to become acquainted with us. 

What Should I Wear?

There is not a dress code. Please wear whatever is comfortable for you. What matters is that you worship with us, not what you wear.

Do I Contribute?

As a newcomer, you should not feel obligated to put money in the offering plate. You are our guest. 

Receive Communion?

It’s entirely up to you, but understand that it is the Lord’s table. All are welcome at His table who have welcomed Him into their hearts. Communion is served by passing trays of the elements. Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month.