Olivet Presbyterian Church and Mission

What We Believe

"Olivet is a church in mission, loving God and community, in faith, prayer and action."



We are the Olivet Presbyterian Church, a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in the center of our life.

Moved by the Holy Spirit we seek understanding of God's will through prayer and growth in our knowledge and understanding of the scriptures.

Purposefully, we proclaim the Good News of the Gospel, calling ourselves and others to faith, worship, spiritual growth, and membership in our caring church community; to caring for all of God's children; and to working for social righteousness, preserving the truth of the Gospel in a world of falseness and exhibiting the Kingdom of Heaven.

We are proactive, anticipating, and addressing our community's needs.

We are servant leaders in and a center for the neighborhood and the Cedar Rapids community. Cooperation and communication with others is important when meeting needs with compassion.

We are committed to evangelism, peacemaking, justice, hunger relief, and other ministries both locally and in the larger world.

As members of the church we also view ourselves as ministers in our daily lives.

We are an inclusive people of God, open to all.

We exist to love and to honor God and our neighbors.